World Chambers Competition

The World Chambers Competition is the only award programme of its kind to recognise innovative projects undertaken by chambers from around the world. Taking place in conjunction with the Congress, we provide the well-warranted visibility these chamber initiatives deserve. That’s because we believe they have the potential to not only benefit business but society as a whole.

The Competition application period is now open and will end on 15 February 2019. All applications must be submitted electronically via our dedicated platform. Entries submitted by mail or as a standalone hard copy will not be considered.


Congratulations to the finalists:

Best Unconventional project (Wednesday 12 June, 15:30-17:00)

  • Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Russia)
  • Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce (Turkey)
  • Qatar Chamber (Qatar)
  • NSW Business Chamber (Australia)
  • SEBRAE/PA – Servicio de Apoio as Micro e Pequenas Empresas do Estado do Para (Brazil)

Best Education & training project (Thursday 13 June, 11:00-12:30)

  • Gaziantep Chamber of Industry (Turkey)
  • Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Philippines)
  • Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Nigeria)
  • Chamber of Commerce in Styria (Austria)
  • Camara de Industrias, Produccion y Empleo de Cuenca (Ecuador)

Best SME & entrepreneurship development project (Thursday 13 June, 14:00-15:30)

  • Afghanistan Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry  (Afghanistan)
  • Camara de Comercio de Cali (Colombia)
  • Camara de Comercio de Quito (Ecuador)
  • National Confederation of Industry (Brazil)
  • Istanbul Chamber of Commerce* (Turkey)
  • Konya Chamber of Industry* (Turkey)



Best Education and Training Project

Acknowledging chambers who are proving that investing in education and training can be crucial to the establishment, advancement and success of small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and foster economic development and job creation.

Best SME and Entrepreneurship Development

Rewarding exceptional chamber initiatives that are either helping SMEs and entrepreneurs to innovate and develop their business or are strengthening job creation in their respective communities.

Best Unconventional Project

Recognising chambers that have developed unique and innovative projects in an activity not typically associated with their mission and objectives, while increasing job creation to enhance local economies.


We invite chambers of commerce from around the world to read the World Chambers Competition guidelines before submitting their projects.


Our Competition is judged by an international and diverse jury made up of ICC World Chambers Federation leadership, and appointed representatives from transnational, national and local chambers, as well as other leading international organisations.



Best unconventional project (Wednesday 12 June, 15:30-17:00)

Moderator and judge:  Ms Magvan Oyunchimeg, Member of the General Council, Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry


  • Ms Vania Milizia, International Networking Manager, Torino Chamber of Commerce, Italy
  • Mr. Samir Modi, President, Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry ; Managing Director, Modi Enterprises, India
  • Mr Volker Treier, Deputy CEO, Deutscher Industrie- und Handelskammertag – DIHK, Germany
  • Mr Vong Kok Seng, Vice-President of Directors Board, Macao Chamber of Commerce, China
  • Mr Jianlong Yu, Secretary General, ICC China, China


Best education & training project (Thursday 13 June, 11:00-12:30)

Moderator and judge: Mr Hassan Al Hashemi, Vice President, International Relations, Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, United Arab Emirates


  • Mr Olivier Crouzet, Head of Pedagogy, école 42, France
  • Mr John W.H Denton AO, Secretary General, ICC, Paris
  • Ms María Fernanda Garza Merodio, President and of Orestia and Chair of ICC Mexico, Mexico
  • Ms Maria Claudia Jimenez Pajaro, Executive Director, ICC Costa Rica, Costa Rica


Best SME and entrepreneurship development project (Thursday 13 June, 14:00-15:30)

Moderator and judge: Mr Jay Byers, CEO, Greater Des Moines Partnership, United States


  • Mr Argenis Angulo, Executive Vice President for the Americas, Junior Chamber International, United States
  • Ms Arancha González, Executive Director, International Trade Centre – ITC, Geneva
  • Ms Sheree Anne Kelly, President and CEO, Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives – ACCE, United States
  • Mr Richard Schenz, Vice-Chair, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, Austria

John doe

CEO of the world

Jack Doe

Brother of the CEO of the world

Joanne Doe

Someone else with a good job

Johnny Doe

Director of the biggest company of the world

Jane Doe

Director General of her company

Jane Doe

Director General of her company

Jane Doe

Director General of her company


Can you provide me with guidelines?

Please find all the Competition guidelines here.

What is the deadline to submit my project?

The Competition application period is now open and ends on 15 January 2019.

What are the required formats of the application?

You are required to fill in contact information, provide information about your chamber and select a category in the online form. At the bottom, you can upload your project synopsis in a PDF format, along with your chamber logo and images in any format.

Can I submit two projects in different categories?

No, a chamber can only submit one project per Competition.

Can I include an appendix?

In case you have letters of support, articles or other items you would like the judges to see, you may include them in an appendix. The appendix cannot exceed 10 pages. Please note that the appendix is optional.

What is the maximum length for materials?

The maximum length of the appendix is 10 pages. The maximum length of the project synopsis is 10 pages. Therefore, your final document cannot exceed 20 pages. Also, you are not allowed to shift your page limits (i.e., 12 pages for the appendix and 8 pages for the project synopsis).

Do I have to translate documents of support?

You do not have to translate documents of support, including the appendix, in full. A short description box covering the title and a sentence or two on the articles/letters would suffice.

When will the finalists for each category be chosen?

The finalists will be announced in April 2019.

How and where will I present my project as a finalist?

A member of your chamber will present your project during the 11th World Chambers Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Do the organisers cover travel expenses to the Congress?

No, you will have to cover your own travel expenses to the Congress. However, the presenter’s registration fee will be covered.


Best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Project

Brazilian Confederation of Trade and Business Associations (Brazil) for its project entitled, “Business Women Empowerment Programme — Brazilian National Council of Business Women.”

The Business Women Empowerment Programme stands for the set of actions
undertaken from 2015 to 2017 by CACB’s National Council of Business Woman, which was divided into five guidelines and a set of cross-sectional actions.

Best Education and Training Project

Hamburg Chamber of Commerce (Germany) for its project entitled, “Refugee integration into the labour market.”

The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce tackles refugee integration into the labour market through a six-point-plan of activities. Specialised job application trainings with company CSR support, competency assessments for recognition of prior learning and market places for companies and refugees have all proven to be extremely effective for job creation and business development.

Best Job Creation and Business Development Project

Business West Chambers of Commerce (United Kingdom) for a project entitled, “The International Trade Centre.”

This unique programme was brought forth to maximise international trade as a way to benefit business in South West England. Using strong ground-based research, the Centre and its subsequent support services has engaged with 5,800 exporters, assisted 2,010 companies with overseas sales to the value of £430 million and created 3,800 jobs.

Best Unconventional Project

*For the first time in the Competition’s history, two winners shared the title for this category.

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (United Arab Emirates) for its project entitled, “Dubai Innovation Index.”

The Dubai Innovation Index is a platform that was conceptualised in 2015 to boost the innovation ecosystem of Dubai in several ways. The Index measures the innovation maturity of SMEs—both large and small and across all industries—to determine their current capabilities and how they are using those capabilities to drive their innovation output.

Chamber of Commerce of Pereira (Colombia) for its project entitled, “El Primer Ladrillo (The First Brick).”

Once highly recognised as a symbol of strength and civility, the city of Pereira was losing its positive image due to years of negative media publicity. To change this reputation, the Chamber of Commerce of Pereira launched a marketing campaign to enable Pereirans to share their stories and create a new narrative of Pereira as an outstanding and dynamic city.

The initiative not only improved the city’s public image but also led to the completion of a convention centre that has boosted economic development in the city and region.

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