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Workplace diversity

20 September @ 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Ingrained beliefs not only influence the way we perceive the world but also how we behave and interact with others. Age, appearance, class, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation are all factors that contribute to one’s own life experience. Extensive research on prejudice and bias has shown that we unconsciously gravitate towards those who act, dress, look, think, and like us. Similarities signal our brains of safety and trust while difference is flagged as a potential danger and thus avoided. The beliefs and values gained from family, culture and a lifetime of experiences and interactions heavily influence how we view and evaluate both others and ourselves.

This session will address unconscious bias in the workplace. From fair hiring processes and non-objective promotions to creating inclusive and safe office environments for all employees—unconscious bias continues to negatively affect the workplace. Even more, the results are more than just financial . Recent research on the topic of workplace diversity has shown that bias can be costly for businesses. It can cause us to make impartial decisions that lead to missed opportunities and careless oversight. Diversity of thought is an invaluable tool that brings authentic, collaborative, community-building, and border-crossing skills to the decision-making table.

This workshop will discuss:

• how businesses can become more inclusive

• more effective diversity strategies

• the benefits of “diversity of thought” on business growth and innovation


Event details

Date of the event: 20 September, 2017

Starting at: 14:30

Ending at: 16:00

Session's organiser(s): 10WCC

Location: International Convention Centre Sydney -

Speaker details

- Linnainmaa Leena


This #10WCC, as the similar Congresses before us, we will be honoured to present several keynote speakers who have been gracious enough to attend the Congress and share their expertise with our participants. Stay tuned as more speakers confirm!

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